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The balls-to-the-wall series returns with more action and mayhem like only Johnny Ryan can deliver—again starring CF, the shirtless outer space barbarian antihero who remains damned to the Prison Pit (a vast wasteland beneath the crust of a barren planet, populated by the worst of the worst, where violence is the only law and evil creatures roam free). Prison Pit is so deranged and twisted that even the author's plot description, while admirably reflecting the spirit of the book, has to be edited into a sea of asterisks in order to be bearable to normal human beings: "A mysterious new a**hole has descended into the Prison Pit. He's looking for Cannibal F***face and he wants revenge. Revenge for what? Probably for some f***ed up evil s***. But before he can get his hands on the CanMan he's got to battle his way through some pretty vicious motherf***ers. S***'s about to get real." Prison Pit blends Ryan's fascination with WWE wrestling, grindhouse cinema, first-person action videogames, Gary Panter's "Jimbo" comics, and Kentaro Miura's Berserk manga into a brutal and often hilarious showcase of violence like no other comic book ever created.

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